Zion Women셲 Hospital, Serving with Love

Welcome everyone. I am Lee Seungcheol, the Hospital Director of the Zion Women셲 Hospital. The Zion Women셲 Hospital, which opened in October 2000, has ever since been loved and admired by countless patients, we have been able to progress and have come so far to this day through continual growth and improvement.
We constantly think about what patients truly want in order to provide the best possible medical services.

Firstly, patients really desire a hospital that can clearly fix their conditions or problems.
For this to be possible, the hospital must be highly specialized and be an institution that is trustworthy, honest and diligent in all of its responsibilities. To fit this criteria, we have developed into the only hospital that has been certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare among the OB/GYN hospitals in Suwon, Hwaseong and Yongin, and later into a hospital designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as specialized in obstetrics and gynecology.

Secondly,a warm heart that cares like one셲 own family is highly necessary in this era where love is weak and people are indifferent and care only about their individual interests. That is why we do not think of our patients as just patients but tend to care for them as if they were family and try to provide experiences that go beyond basic medical services.

Finally,it is important to love, nurture and think about the next generation. We assist in prenatal education through our Shalomer Center and do our best to ensure that the period from pregnancy to nurturing is assisted in a warm and beautiful manner through efforts such as performing deliveries by the Leboyer method, which sincerely respects the newborn and facilitates the most natural childbirth, kangaroo care, and rooming-in care and breast-feeding, which will help the baby셲 physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Our entire staff will unite and put in our best to constantly grow and build a hospital that patients are satisfied with.

Thank you.

沅곴툑븯떊 궡슜쓣 寃깋빐二쇱꽭슂!