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Zion Women셲 Hospital was designated as a baby-friendly hospital by UNICEF for 10 years in a row from 2004,
actively recommending breast-feeding by managing a Counseling Center for Breast-feeding and operating all patient rooms through a rooming-in system.

01. We do not give advertisements or samples to the patients.
02. All staff members understand the importance of breast-feeding and receive regular education and training.
03. We provide education on the advantages and method of breastfeeding for the patients.
04. The baby is breast-fed within 30 minutes of being born.
05. We provide education on the method of breast-feeding for the patients.
06. We do not feed the baby with anything other than the mother셲 breast milk.
07. We operate a rooming-in system for successful breast-feeding.
08. The baby is fed whenever it is hungry.
09. We do not use baby bottles and artificial nipples.
10. We actively recommend and participate in breast-feeding gatherings for mothers and gatherings after discharge.

01. Be educated on breast-feeding before the delivery.
02. Select an OB/GYN clinic with a rooming-in system.
03. Check if the hospital selected for delivery offers help with breast-feeding, and whether the staff is friendly to the baby and offers friendly care for the mother.
04. Select a natural delivery if possible.
05. Start breast-feeding after 30 minutes of delivery.
06. Feed the baby when it wants to be fed and before it cries.
07. Feed the baby at least 8-12 times a day.
08. When breast-feeding, feed with one breast for 10-15 minutes and then feed with the other breast.
09. Wake the baby and feed it if the baby falls asleep while feeding.
10. Feed only breast milk.

01. The Zion Women셲 Hospital Counseling Center for Breast-feeding : 삇 201-0757
02. Zion Women셲 Hospital Department of Pediatrics : 삇 201-0738, 0755, 0752
03. Zion Women셲 Hospital Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology : 삇 201-0728,0729

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