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Washing the hair

몺 Wrap the baby셲 body in a blanket to prevent movement.
몼 Cover the ears with your hands.
몾 Wash the face first and then wash the hair.
* Wash the hair with shampoo but clean the body with only water for a month.


몺 Cover the ears during the bath.
몼 Splash water and wash. Clean by massaging the areas with overlapping skin, such as the neck, armpits and inguinal region.
몾 Wash the front first and then the back.
* Finish the whole bath within 5 minutes. Do not exceed 15 minutes.

Cleaning the umbilical cord stump

몺 Disinfect with alcohol.
몼 Disinfect the upper part of the naval region with an alcohol swab and then use a new swab for the lower part.
* Clean every day and for 3 days after the stump falls off.

Wrapping with a blanket

몺 Place the blanket in the shape of a rhombus and fold one side.
몼 Place the baby셲 shoulders on the folded side.
몾 Wrap the baby from each side.
* Wrapping the baby this way will give it the sensation of being in the uterus and should be done only until the baby is about a month old.


몺 Straighten the baby and hold against the body.
몼 Pat or stroke down the back to make the baby burp.
* Burp the baby for 5-10 minutes and keep holding if the baby does not burp or lay the baby down on its side if holding the baby is tiring.

Infant CPR

Touch the feet with fingers to check the infant셲 state and call 119.

Wrap the infant셲 chest in both hands and apply pressure to the chest using the thumbs.

Raise the chin to open the airway and perform artificial respiration.


뾾Repeat chest pressure and artificial respiration if consciousness뾾

The Heimlich maneuver for infants

Touch the feet with your fingers to check the infant셲 state and call 119.

Make the infant face down and thump its back with the back of your hand 5 times.

Slant the baby so that its head faces downward and apply pressure that is about 4cm deep to the middle of the chest 5 times.


뾾Check if any foreign substance has come out and then repeat the thumping and chest pressure 5 times each뾾

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