Zion Women셲 Hospital, Serving with Love

Floor Location
8th Floor Cafeteria | House of Prayer | Grapevine Garden
7th Floor Child Hope Center | Patient Rooms | Dept. of Gynecology | Lounge
6th Floor Newborn Unit | Patient Rooms | Shower Unit
5th Floor Patient Rooms | Shampooing Unit | Sitz Bath Unit
4th Floor Delivery Center | Free Contraction Unit| Natural Delivery Unit | OR
3rd Floor General Examination Center | Dept. of Internal Medicine | Dept. of Radiology | X-Ray Unit | Central Examination Unit | Close/3D Ultrasound Unit
2nd Floor OB/GYN | OB/GYN Triage | Fetal Health Assessment Unit | Registration
1st Floor Dept. of Pediatrics | Registration, Admission & Discharge | Breast-feeding Unit | Cafe | Maternity Shop

沅곴툑븯떊 궡슜쓣 寃깋빐二쇱꽭슂!