Zion Women셲 Hospital, Serving with Love

1011-2 Yeongtong-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel: 031-201-0700


– Yeongtong Station
– Cheongmyeong Station


– Yeongtong Homeplus
– Housework Division, Court Dongsuwon registry office
– Yeongtong Landmark Hotel
– Yeongtong Station


Red Bus : M5107
Airport Bus : 4100
Regular Bus : 11-1 13-1 2-1 2-2 27-1 3 34 34-1 4-1 5 52 54 63 63-1 720-1 720-3 721 82-2 99-1
Town Shuttle Bus : 12 18 (B) 32 52 55
Express Bus : 1112 5100 7000

car Parking

free parking from 6pm to 9am (free parking on weekends and national holidays), free parking for 1 hour and a half on weekday afternoons

Subway Directions

Using the Bundang Line
You will be able to see a Homplus when you come out of the 1st exit of Yeongtong Station. From Homeplus, walk straight ahead for about 100m in the direction of the pedestrian overpass, turn right at the Baskin Robbins building, and walk for 200m to reach the Zion Women셲 hospital.

Driving Directions

Exit the Suwon IC and drive straight for about 1km towards Yeongtong and you will see a freeway. Turn left beneath the freeway and you will see Bongyeong-ro (8-lane Yeongtong-daero).
Drive straight in the direction of Yeongtong and, after passing the first pedestrian overpass, turn left in front of the GS gas station, then turn right after the Suwon Mail Center. Go past the Suwon Mail Center, turn left in front of the KFC on the first intersection and the hospital can be seen on the right.

Suwon Station (20 minutes from Suwon Station)
Drive about 6~7km from Suwon Station in the direction of Yeongtong and Kyunghee University and a freeway will appear. Turn left under the freeway and drive straight untill the Yeongtong Homeplus appears. Drive straight for about 100m and, after passing the pedestrian overpass, turn left at the three-way intersection. The Zion Women셲 Hospital will appear after driving straight for about 200m.

Bus Directions

*Please refer to the map for directions from the bus station to the hospital.

Suwon Intra-city Bus (20minutes from Suwon Station)

11-1 Yeongtong Park Ajou University Entrance of Provincial Government Building Suwon Station West Suwon Bus Terminal
13-1 Yeongtong Park Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.- Yeongtong-gu Office- Agro-Fishery Market
2-1 Yeongtong Park Woncheon Jugong- Dongsuwon Post Office-Suwon Station-Hwaseo Staion
2-5 Yeongtong Park Ajou University-Yeonmu Market 밬man Jugong- Paldal-gu Office
3 Yeongtong Park Ajou University Paldalmun Gate – Hwaseo Staion
82-2 Yeongtong Park Maetan Jugong- Suwon Station- Sungkyunkwan univ. Station
99 Yeongtong Park Heungdeokjigu emart Songjuk-dong- Sungkyunkwan University
7 Yeongtong Park Suwon Bus Terminal Suwon Station
4-1 Yeongtong Park Ajou University Paldalmun Gate 밓anganmun Gate- Jowon-dong
51 Yeongtong Park Suwon City Hall – Pyeong-dong – Gosaek-dong

Hwaseong and Dongtan Direction

1550-1 Kyunghee University – Samsung semiconductor Gisan-dong Jinan-dong
63 Yeongtong Park Sinyeongtong lottemart- Neung-dong- Metapolis
34 Yeongtong Park Sinyeongtong lottemart- Byeongjeom Station- Yongjoosa Temple – Bongdam-eup
200 Kyunghee University Byeongjeom Sageori – Osan College Station – Gwol-dong- Galgot-dong

Yongin and Bundang Direction

27-1 Yeongtong Park 밎iheung-gu Office Gusungjigu – Cheongdeok Middle School
27-5 Yeongtong Park Heungdeokjigu 13danji Bojeong Station Jukjeon Station
720-1 Yeongtong Patol Division Kyonggi University Suji Middle School- Migeum Station- Yatap-dong- Namhansanseong Fortress
720-3 Yeongtong Park Samsung semiconductor Back Gate 밆ongtan emart Metapolis
7200 Hanshin University jinan-dong – Yeongtong Park Heungdeokjigu 12danji – Yatap Station- Namhansanseong Fortress

Gwanggyo Direction

720-3 Yeongtong Park Cheongmyeong Jugong Apt.- Ajou University Hospital Gwanggyo LH Humansia
52 Yeongtong Park Cheongmyeong Jugong Apt.- Heungdeokmaeul 1-danji GwanggyoJunganggongwon
63-11 Yeongtong Park Cheongmyeong Jugong Apt.- Heungdeokmaeul- Ajou University Hospital GwanggyoJunganggongwon
7 Suwon Immigration Office – Byeokjeokgol 9 Danji-Suwon Bus Terminal Suwon Station 밎yeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency – GwanggyoJunganggongwon central park

Seoul 넂 Suwon Express City Bus

1007-1 Kyunghee University Ajou University – Paldal-gu Office – Kyonggi University 밓amsil Station
1112 Yeongtong Park Jamsil Station
7000 Yeongtong Park Ajou University- Jamsil Station
5100 Yeongtong Park 밎angnam Station
M5107 Yeongtong Park Eulji-ro 밪eoul Station Myeong Kookmin Bank
900 Youngil Middle School-Suwon Station Pajang-dong- Beomgye Sageori Seoksu Station Boramae Park

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