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At the Shalomer Center, shalomers, who have received a special training in maternity care, offer prenatal education such as prenatal therapy, pregnancy massages, delivery preparation classes, and crafts and breastfeeding. They also provide scheduled as well as unplanned consultations at any time in regards to pregnancy, delivery or nursing.

The Hebrew word, 쏶halome (Jewish greeting meaning peace), originates from the Old Testament and the suffix 쐃r is added to 쁓halome in order to indicate a person who delivers or creates peace.


The term indicates a manager who takes harmonious care of pregnant patients with love and hospitality.

뿈 Shalomer셲 Role

몺 Scheduled and anytime consultations with your own Shalomer
몼 Practical training and education on breast-feeding, prenatal stretches (yoga), delivery preparation classes, pregnancy massages and the delivery methods
몾 Puerperium education

뿈 Why do you need a Shalomer?

몺 Our health system makes it difficult to talk sufficiently with your doctor.
쏯ow, talk as much as you need with your Shalomer in a comfortable environment.

몼 There is an exceeding amount of overly generalized and incorrect medical information without the proper reference.
쏯ow your Shalomer will provide you with the reliable medical information at the right time.

몾 To most patients, giving birth or going into the delivery room can be a frightening experience.
쏽our Shalomer will assist your delivery like a family.
쏽our Shalomer solely focuses on the health and happiness of mother and child.
쏷he Shalomer system came into existence with the adaptations of the world셲 leading pregnancy and delivery systems from the developed countries and has been customized to the circumstances of our country.

Shalomer consultations and inquiries 031-201-0728,0729

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