Delivery Center

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혻Every patient who has applied for a natural delivery is assigned her own shalomer who provides all personal consultations and participates in the delivery.
The patient prepares by receiving prenatal education through the lectures offered at the Shalomer Center. (Mandatory intensive instruction on breast-feeding and participation in the delivery preparation classroom!!)

2.Education & Rehearsal

혻Prior to the delivery, the patient, together with the husband or family members who will participate in the delivery, receive private lessons to practice the delivery postures with the relaxation and coping methods for the delivery.

3.Contractions and Delivery

The patient and the husband can take charge and feel contractions freely. (The patient is not forced regarding food intake, enema, hair removal, and use of drugs, the patient can choose based on the circumstances.)
혻Natural delivery takes place in the Natural Delivery Room. (The Family Delivery Room can be selected according to preference of the patient.)
혻The Natural Delivery Room is comfortable and snug to allow the patient to focus on the signals that the baby sends.
혻Various instruments, such as rocking chairs, balls, tools, music and massages, can be used.
혻The patient can move freely in whatever poses she wants and delivers the baby in a posture that allows the baby to come down more easily.

4.Postpartum Care

혻The baby is placed in the mother셲 arms for kangaroo care and breast-feeding so that it can naturally adapt to the environment.
혻The husband can also administer the kangaroo care.
혻Rooming-in care is continuously available so that the mother is never separated from the baby.

Counseling Process Contents
1st Counseling 쨌 Education for a smooth delivery (overall management during pregnancy)
쨌 What to eat
쨌 Weight management
쨌 Exercises to improve muscular strength and stamina
쨌 The importance of prenatal education
쨌 Books to read
2nd Counseling
Deliver Education 쨌 Delivery process
쨌 Hormones secreted during delivery
쨌 Environment for natural delivery
쨌 Posture for natural delivery
쨌 Signs of labor
쨌 Signs of contractions and the level of contractions that necessitates a hospital admission
쨌 What to prepare and other remaining points
Delivery Rehearsal 쨌 Review of the delivery education contents
쨌 Relaxation checks
쨌 Pelvic exercises for a natural delivery
쨌 Exercises to do along with the husband for a natural delivery
쨌 Breast check
쨌 Perineal massage methods
Postpartum Checkup 쨌 Posture for breast-feeding
쨌 Breast milk volume check
쨌 Lochia check and perineal management

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