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Vaccination is the most effective and safe prevention against infectious diseases.
The recent rise in the interest in health issues has heightened the interest in adult vaccination, which is necessary for the following reasons.

01. Increase in cases of chronic diseases and immunodeficiency
02. Immunodeficiency according to the passage of time after vaccination
03. Changes in the outbreak dynamics of infectious diseases
04. Increase in the exposure to infectious diseases due to overseas traveling and work in special occupations
05. Increase in the development of new vaccines

Hepatitis B Vaccination
Vaccination to develop hepatitis B surface antibodies for protection against hepatitis

Vaccine Recipients Men or women without antibodies
Method Three intramuscular injections (0, 1, 6 months)

Hepatitis A Vaccination
Vaccination to prevent infection of hepatitis A (most important is prevention and early detection

Vaccine Recipients Men or women without antibodies
Method Two intramuscular injections (0, 6 months)

Japanese Encephalitis
Vaccination for those living in regions with risk of infection (proximity to paddy fields or stables) and travelers in Asia

Vaccine Recipients Adults
Method Three intramuscular injections (0 days, 7~30 days, 1 year after the second vaccination)

Vaccination for patients suffering chronic diseases or immunodeficiency

Vaccine RecipientsPatients over 60 years old, chronic patients
Method One intramuscular injection

Vaccination necessary every year between October and December to prevent influenza

Vaccine Recipients All adults
MethodOne intramuscular injection

Herpes Zoster
Vaccine Recipients Adults over 60 years old
Method One hypodermic injection

Vaccination for Measles, Mumps and Rubella
Vaccination to develop immunity against mumps, measles and rubella, which have over a 90% chance of causing a negative effect on the fetus if a woman is infected

Vaccine Recipients Men or Women without antibodies
Method One intramuscular injection

Mixed Vaccination for Tetanus, Pertussis and Diphtheria
Tetanus vaccination must be received every 10 years

Vaccine Recipients All adults
Method One intramuscular injection

Cervical Cancer Vaccination
Vaccination against HPV types 16 and18, which have an 85% chance of causing cervical cancer

Vaccine Type Cervarix Gadacil
Vaccine Recipients All females between 10~55 years old All females between 9~55 years old
Method Three intramuscular injections (0, 1 month, 6 months) Three intramuscular injections (0, 2 months, 6 months)

Chicken Pox
Vaccination for adults who are not immune to chicken pox

Vaccine Recipients Adults
Method Two Hypodermic Injections (0, 1 month)

Typhoid Fever
Vaccination for overseas travelers or adults in contact with a carrier of typhoid fever

Vaccine Recipients Adults
Method One intramuscular injection

01. Rough exercise or overwork should be avoided on the day of vaccination and on the day after.
02. Baths are prohibited on the day of vaccination.
03. The vaccination area should not be scratched or touched.
04. A doctor needs to be consulted if there is a fever, convulsion, or a severe headache.

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