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VBAC indicates attempting vaginal birth after having a Caesarian section. In the past, patients who had gone through a C-section had to have a C-section in their next delivery but today, due to the developments in medical technology, there are many cases where VBAC is selected instead. Vaginal delivery has the advantage of avoiding any complications such as abdominal adhesion or pain occurring due to repeated surgery.

Cases where selecting a repeated Caesarian section is better than selecting VBAC
01. Patients with experience of uterine rupture
02. A case where a past C-section incorporated vertical incision or t-shaped incision of the uterus
03. A case where the patient has no experience of vaginal delivery and has had more than 2 C-sections (more than 2 surgeries that left a cicatrix in the uterus)
04. A case where the patient has an internal, obstetric condition that hinders vaginal delivery

First, the patient needs to determine how much they want a natural delivery.
Since there are risks involved, the patient and the husband must both be dedicated to a natural delivery instead of ambiguously trying out the option because other people are trying it.

The second to be considered is the element of fear.
Fear includes fear of contractions, fear of uterine rupture, and the fear of failure.
The patient and the husband (guardian) must consult sufficiently with the doctor to prepare themselves and the final decision is eventually made by the patient and her guardian.

The third is learning about VABC beforehand.
Learning in advance the dangers and complications, contraindications and useful information of VBAC through tests and consultations will help a lot before the delivery.

The fourth is the appropriate management of the patient셲 body.
A very positive attitude, moderate and regular exercise, sufficient rest and weight management are extremely important. The mother셲 obesity and an overweight fetus can pose a very high risk.

The fifth condition to consider is the selection of a prepared hospital. The hospital must be equipped with a system able to monitor according to the progress of the contractions, the hospital also must have the sufficient manpower and facilities that allow emergency surgeries at any given time, and to be ready with blood for transfusion.

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