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The Breast Care Center is operated to manage the risks of breast cancer, specialists perform various tests to make early detections of any breast cancer.

In the case of Asian women, who have denser breast tissues compared to Western women, breast images show up white and make it quite difficult to find masses in tests that are very significant when detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

The digital breast imaging equipment which is to be newly introduced at the General Examination Center of Zion Women셲 Hospital is on a par with the equipment used at the university hospitals, the new technology creates fast results without the need for films, and offers much more accurate tests through high-definition images.

The breast ultrasound is used for checking abnormalities of the breast tissue.
Breasts tend to be denser when the amount of mammary gland tissue exceeds the amount of adipose tissue within the breasts. The younger you are, the denser your breasts are and the more helpful the breast ultrasound is for a more accurate diagnosis. In comparison to Western women, Korean women have breasts that are smaller but denser. Since there is a high percentage of women with dense breasts among breast cancer patients, it is highly essential for Korean women to receive breast ultrasounds.
In addition, it has the advantage of detecting lumps that are smaller than 1cm and lumps that do not appear during examinations or on breast x-rays. Therefore by incorporating breast ultrasounds with such examinations and x-rays this will result in a much more accurate diagnosis. Ultrasounds will need to be performed in parallel to the other tests.
Additionally, the ultrasound equipment used in our hospital, which is exactly the same equipment used at the university hospitals, is of high-definition and allows a quick and detailed diagnosis

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