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Frequent sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth and aging will cause the vagina to lose its elasticity. The vaginal region will eventually droop and lose its exterior appeal, resulting in a loss of confidence and decrease in sexual satisfaction. The sexual sensation of men may especially be deteriorated to lose interest in sexual intercourse and the frequency of intercourse may dwindle. Vaginoplasty reduces the lengthened vaginal region from the opening to the inside in order to turn it into a narrow and tightened state.

Outcome of Vaginoplasty

01. Confidence
The drooping and lengthened vaginal area is returned to its early state to instill more confidence in one셲 appearance.

02. Sexual Satisfaction
Sexual satisfaction that was lost due to the droopy vaginal area is once again achieved, confidence is recovered especially because of the increased satisfaction felt by the spouse, the happiness of newly-weds will return thanks to an active sex life.

03. Protection from Inflammation
During sexual intercourse, drooping of the vaginal area causes the male to change to a position that is more stimulating, which continuously stimulates the cervix and can cause chronic cervicitis. This can be prevented through surgery since the vagina would become much deeper after the surgery.

04. Connection with Spouse
Happiness is returned to contribute to an amicable relationship.

After Surgery
Following the surgery, the patient can be discharged after a short rest.

3~4 hospital visits are necessary for treatment and medication is taken for just a few days.
A stiz bath 1~2 times a day should be taken from the day after surgery.
Sexual intercourse can take place 4~6 weeks after surgery.
Pelvic muscle exercise after surgery will lead to a more satisfying outcome.
The confidence gained after this surgery will help in leading your spouse during intercourse.

Definition of Labia Minora
The labia minora, the pair of wrinkled flaps of skin situated between the labia majora, are erectile tissues that are dark in color, without hair, and consist of elastic fiber tissues that are full of nerves and blood vessels.
The labia minora are aesthetically important in determining the overall shape of the woman셲 vulva and function to stop bacteria from entering inside the vagina or the urethra.
Moreover, they are developed with nerve tissues, which make them act as ergogenic zones that cause the blood vessels to become congested and the senses to become more sensitive when the person is having sexual urges or is aroused.

Cases where labia minora reduction is necessary
Cases where the labia minora are excessively large
Cases where the labia minora are asymmetrical
Cases where the labia minora are too dark in color
Cases where secretion is trapped in the labia minora and the region has become itchy and give off a foul odor
Cases where the region is swept when wearing pants or where the region is swept on the underwear when sweating
Cases where the labia minora cover the vaginal opening and the urethra when urine flows to one side when urinating
Cases where there is discomfort during sexual intercourse or where there is a frequent occurrence of vaginitis or cystitis

Changes after surgery
The appearance becomes quite pleasing and confidence is gained.
The region does not at all get in the way of the male genitals during sexual intercourse.
Vaginitis and cystitis is prevented to a certain level.
There is less discomfort when wearing pants.
Urinating is much more comfortable.
It feels great and more hygienic since there is less sweat caught up in the region and also less stain of secretion.

After Surgery
Thanks to the special anesthesia applied during the surgery, the patient is released to go home shortly after having a brief rest and hardly any pain or bleeding occurred by the surgery.
3~4 hospital visits are necessary for treatment and medication is usually taken for a few days. A stiz bath 1~2 times a day should be taken from the day after surgery. Full recovery will be possible after approximately 2 weeks. The transformed state of the labia minora can later be observed through imaging equipment.

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