Postpartum Care Center

Zion Women셲 Hospital, Serving with Love

the most beautiful castle.
It is the castle of the cherished child born with love.

It is a comfortable resting place for the beautiful mother in need of rest.

artistic and scientific.

A gallery for the mother and scientific facilities

for the baby await you.

For the mother
– Underwear (inner clothing), socks, personal washing and sanitary tools (toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, tissues, cup, shampoo etc.)
– Basic cosmetics and personal items (with name tags)

For the baby
– The baby items necessary for the Care Center will be prepared by the center.

Appointments for consultations at the hospital can be made via telephone and phone consultations are available anytime.
Reservations for admission are made on a first come first served basis so it is good to call several months in advance.

The center, directly managed by Zion Women셲 Hospital, does its best to care for your precious baby by providing treatment by professional pediatricians and OB/GYN specialists and operating a system in which nurses are designated to each patient.

Scientific System
The newborn unit is divided and separated into three sections and operated through the Perfect Clean Room System, in which each section is automatically moderated by a humidistat, sterilizer and thermostat and the air from outside is processed through a HEPA filter to prevent infection.

A rooming-in system is used to allow the mother and baby to stay together, and the mother takes a bath every day, wears steamed clothes and listens to Sleepin 慣.

An international lactation consultant provides one-on-one customized instructions and breast massages to accomplish 100% breast-feeding.

Mental Stability
A 쐊angaroo care oriental foot bath room and a shampoo room are operated to help stabilize the baby and the mother with the spouse/partner.

Postpartum Recovery
Balanced and nutritional meals, gold therapy massage, scalp care, postpartum yoga and various latest pieces of equipment are incorporated to facilitate a quick recovery.

There are various programs every day for mothers and babies.

Professional lactation instructions and kangaroo care education
– A one-on-one systematic education and management by an international lactation consultant
– Instruction by a specialist in SMC breast management on self-management of breasts
– Counseling on the lactation of abnormal breasts (retracted nipples, papilla plana, hypertrophy and hypoplasia etc.)
– Counseling on the problems of the nipples (lacerations, cracks and scratches etc.) and correction of posture
– 2 hours of the kangaroo care program every day (audio-visual lectures and individual instructions)

Daily operation of an oriental foot bath room
Foot baths help the body셲 metabolism by releasing the tension of the feet and stimulating the meridian points of the body through the physical stimulation of warm water. Foot baths help with weight loss since they activate the body and have the effect of exercising, clear the skin through healthy blood circulation, and help with leg edema, stress, chronic headaches and insomnia.

Day Contents Trainer Time
Monday Skin care (whole body, partial massage) Prenatal, postpartum Reservations can be made any day
Yoga Instructor Park Juhei 11:00
Pediatrics Dept. Chief Kim Minhye 7:30
OB/GYN Dept. Chief Park Junggyu 3:30
Tuesday Skin care (whole body, partial massage) Prenatal, postpartum Reservations can be made any day
Baby massage (Centifolia, Biolane) Instructors Oh Yungyeong and Won Hyeonju 2:00
Utilization of childcare budget Korea Development Bank (biweekly) 2:00
Wednesday Skin care (whole body, partial massage) Prenatal, postpartum Reservations can be made any day
Yoga Instructor Park Juhei 11:00
Baby photo shoot Baileysoo Baby Studio 10:00
Molding Haeorum 4:00
Thursday Skin care (whole body, partial massage) Prenatal, postpartum Reservations can be made any day
Mobiles Frobel (biweekly) 2:00
Making a baby focus book Frobel (biweekly) 2:00
Friday Skin care (whole body, partial massage) Prenatal, postpartum Reservations can be made any day
Yoga Instructor Park Juhei 11:00
Saturday Skin care (whole body, partial massage) Prenatal, postpartum Reservations can be made any day
Discharge Education Dept. Head Jeong Myeongseon 4:00


1011-2 Yeongtong-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel: 031-201-0700


– Yeongtong Station
– Cheongmyeong Station


– Yeongtong Homeplus
– Housework Division, Court Dongsuwon registry office
– Yeongtong Landmark Hotel
– Yeongtong Station


Red Bus : M5107
Airport Bus : 4100
Regular Bus : 11-1 13-1 2-1 2-2 27-1 3 34 34-1 4-1 5 52 54 63 63-1 720-1 720-3 721 82-2 99-1
Town Shuttle Bus : 12 18 (B) 32 52 55
Express Bus : 1112 5100 7000

car Parking

free parking from 6pm to 9am (free parking on weekends and national holidays), free parking for 1 hour and a half on weekday afternoons

Type Amount Delivery at Zion Women셲 Hospital Services Included in the Charge
VVIP 4,000,000 3,200,000
  • Accommodation (13 nights)
  • Meals (3 meals per day)
  • Snacks (3 times per day)
  • Newborn care
  • Maternity care
  • Cleaning, laundry
  • Postpartum management and newborn care education
  • Massages for the mother
  • Use of other amenities (breast pump, sitz bath etc.)
VIP 3,300,000 2,700,000
Suite 2,700,000 2,400,000
Regular Room 2,500,000 2,200,000



Charges for Additional Services
Additional massage (prenatal) 80,000
Additional massage (postpartum) 100,000
Guardian meal (Collection box of love voluntary meals) 3,000 (5000 after January 1st 2016)
Addition of 1 more newborn care (multiple babies) 1,000,000

Daily Extension Charge after a 2-week Stay

Delivery Regular Room Suite VIP VVIP
Zion Women셲 Hospital 169,200 184,600 207,600 246,100
Other Hospitals 184,600 207,600 246,100 307,600


궛썑議곕━썝 몴以빟愿

몴以빟愿 젣10070샇(2013.10.25. 젣젙)

젣1議 (紐⑹쟻) 씠 빟愿 궛썑議곕━썝쓣 슫쁺븯뒗 궗뾽옄(씠븯 쒖궗뾽옄) 궛썑議곕━썝쓣 씠슜븯뒗 씠슜옄(씠븯 쒖씠슜옄)媛꾩쓽 궛썑議곕━썝 씠슜뿉 愿븳 젣諛 怨꾩빟궗빆쓣 洹쒖젙븿쓣 紐⑹쟻쑝濡 빀땲떎.
젣2議 (슜뼱쓽 젙쓽) 씠 빟愿뿉꽌 궗슜븯뒗 슜뼱쓽 젙쓽뒗 떎쓬 媛 샇 媛숈뒿땲떎.

1. 쒖궛썑議곕━썝앹씠 궛썑議곕━ 諛 슂뼇 벑뿉 븘슂븳 씤젰怨 떆꽕쓣 媛뽰텣 씪泥댁쓽 떆꽕쓣 留먰빀땲떎.

2. 쒖궛紐ⓥ앸 엫떊 以묒씠嫄곕굹 遺꾨쭔 썑 6媛쒖썡 誘몃쭔씤 뿬꽦쓣 留먰빀땲떎.

3. 쒖떊깮븘앸 異쒖깮 썑 28씪 씠궡쓽 쁺쑀븘瑜 留먰빀땲떎. 떎留, 異쒖깮 썑 28씪씠 吏굹뜑씪룄 궛썑議곕━썝뿉 엯떎븯怨 엳뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 떊깮븘濡 媛꾩<빀땲떎.

4. 쒗깭븘앸 紐⑥껜뿉 李⑹긽맂 씠썑 異쒖깮떆源뚯 엫떊맂 媛쒖껜瑜 留먰빀땲떎.

5. 쒓컧뿼꽦 吏덈퀝앹씠 뚭컧뿼蹂묒쓽 삁諛 諛 愿由ъ뿉 愿븳 踰뺣쪧띾벑 媛먯뿼蹂 愿젴 踰뺣졊뿉꽌 洹쒖젙븯怨 엳뒗 吏덈퀝쓣 留먰빀땲떎.
젣3議 (빟愿쓽 꽕紐 諛 怨꾩빟꽌쓽 援먮 벑) 몺 궗뾽옄뒗 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯뒗 븣뿉뒗 씠슜옄뿉寃 씠 빟愿쓽 궡슜쓣 遺꾨챸븯寃 諛앺엳怨, 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯湲 쟾뿉 빟愿쓽 以묒슂븳 궡슜쓣 씠슜옄媛 씠빐븷 닔 엳룄濡 꽕紐낇빀땲떎.

몼 궗뾽옄뒗 떎쓬 媛 샇쓽 궗빆쓣 湲곗옱븳 怨꾩빟꽌瑜 留덈젴븯怨 怨꾩빟 泥닿껐 썑뿉 怨꾩빟꽌 1遺瑜 씠슜옄뿉寃 援먮빀땲떎.

1. 궛썑議곕━썝紐 諛 二쇱냼

2. 씠슜옄 꽦紐 諛 二쇱냼

3. 異쒖궛 삁젙씪怨 엯떎 삁젙씪

4. 珥 씠슜湲덉븸

5. 湲고 씠슜湲덉븸 (궛紐⑤쭔 엯떎븯嫄곕굹 2씤 씠긽쓽 떊깮븘 엯떎떆 湲덉븸, 湲곗떎 씠슜湲덉븸, 삊젰 蹂묒썝쓽 엯썝떎 씠슜湲덉븸, 二쇰퀎 씠슜湲덉븸, 엯ㅽ눜떎 떆媛 珥덇낵떆 슂湲 벑)

6. 怨꾩빟 빐젣ㅽ빐吏뿉 뵲瑜 솚遺덇퇋젙

7. 궛썑議곕━썝뿉꽌 젣怨듯븯뒗 꽌鍮꾩뒪 궡뿭

8. 궛紐⑥ 깭븘쓽 嫄닿컯긽깭 諛 湲곗솗젰

9. 湲고 궛썑議곕━썝 씠슜뿉 븘슂븳 궗빆

몾 怨꾩빟꽌뿉 湲곗옱맂 궡슜씠 몴以빟愿쓽 궡슜蹂대떎 씠슜옄뿉寃 遺덈━븯뿬꽌뒗 븘땲 릺硫, 怨꾩빟꽌뿉 湲곗옱릺뼱 엳吏 븡 궡슜 몴以빟愿쓣 뵲由낅땲떎.

몿 궗뾽옄뒗 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯뒗 븣뿉 씠슜옄쓽 슂援ш 엳쑝硫 씠 빟愿쓣 援먮빀땲떎. 떎留, 씠슜옄뿉寃 援먮븯뒗 怨꾩빟꽌뿉 씠 빟愿씠 湲곗옱릺뼱 엳뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 洹몃윭븯吏 븘땲빀땲떎.
젣4議 (怨꾩빟湲덇낵 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓽 吏湲) 몺 怨꾩빟湲덉 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓽 10%씠븯濡 븯硫, 씠슜옄뒗 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯뒗 븣뿉 怨꾩빟湲덉쓣 吏湲됲빀땲떎.

몼 씠슜옄뒗 엯떎븯뒗 븣뿉 怨꾩빟湲덉쓣 怨듭젣븳 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓣 吏湲됲빀땲떎.

몾 怨꾩빟꽌뿉 湲곗옱맂 珥 씠슜湲덉븸 궛紐⑥ 떊깮븘 媛 1씤씠 븿猿 엯떎븳 슂湲덉쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 빀땲떎.
젣5議 (엯떎 꽌鍮꾩뒪) 몺 궗슜 엯썝떎 궛紐 1씤떎 삉뒗 紐⑥옄룞떎쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 빀땲떎. 떎留, 궗뾽옄 씠슜옄媛 삊쓽븯뿬 씠瑜 蹂寃쏀븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎.

몼 궛썑議곕━썝뿉꽌 젣怨듯븯뒗 湲곕낯 꽌鍮꾩뒪쓽 궡뿭 떎쓬 媛 샇 媛숈뒿땲떎.

1. 궛紐 諛 떊깮븘 愿由 2. 젣諛 렪쓽떆꽕 諛 궛紐⑥쓽 嫄닿컯쉶蹂듦낵 愿젴븳 옣鍮꾩쓽 젣怨 3. 궛紐⑥쓽 떇궗젣怨

4. 떊깮븘슜 遺꾩쑀 諛 湲곗洹, 젚蹂 벑쓽 젣怨 5. 썝궡 봽濡쒓렇옩 꽌鍮꾩뒪 젣怨 6. 泥냼, 꽭긽, 냼룆諛⑹젣 꽌鍮꾩뒪 젣怨

7. 궛썑議곕━ 諛 쑁븘 젙蹂댁젣怨

몾 젣2빆뿉 湲곗옱맂 湲곕낯 꽌鍮꾩뒪 쇅뿉 遺媛 꽌鍮꾩뒪 벑씠 엳뒗 寃쎌슦 궗뾽옄뒗 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯뒗 븣뿉 遺媛 꽌鍮꾩뒪 씠슜뿉 븳 궗빆쓣 씠슜옄뿉寃 꽕紐낇빀땲떎.
젣6議 (씠슜怨꾩빟쓽 蹂寃 諛 議곗젙) 몺 씠슜湲곌컙 2二(13諛 14씪)瑜 湲곕낯쑝濡 븯릺, 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯뒗 븣뿉 궗뾽옄 씠슜옄媛 긽샇 삊쓽븯뿬 湲곌컙쓣 議곗젙븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎. 떎留, 궗뾽옄뒗 怨좉컼씠 2二쇰낫떎 떒湲곗쓽 씠슜쓣 슂泥븳떎뒗 씠쑀濡 怨꾩빟쓽 泥닿껐쓣 嫄곗젅븷 닔 뾾뒿땲떎.

몼 엯떎떆媛꾩 엯떎씪 12:00 씠썑, 눜떎떆媛꾩 눜떎씪 10:00 씠쟾쓣 湲곕낯쑝濡 븯릺, 궗뾽옄 씠슜옄媛 긽샇 삊쓽븯뿬 떆媛꾩쓣 議곗젙븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎.

몾 씠슜옄媛 엯떎 삁젙씪뿉 엯떎븯吏 紐삵븷 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 엯떎 삁젙씪쓽 3씪쟾源뚯 뿰씫븯뿬 湲곌컙쓣 蹂寃쏀븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎.
젣7議 (異쒖궛 삁젙씪쓽 蹂룞 벑) 몺 씠슜옄뒗 異쒖궛 삁젙씪怨 떎瑜 씪옄뿉 異쒖궛븯뿬 궛썑議곕━썝궡 궗슜 媛뒫븳 엯썝떎씠 뾾뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 怨꾩빟쓣 빐젣븷 닔 엳쑝硫, 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄뿉寃 怨꾩빟湲덉쓣 솚湲됲빀땲떎. 씠슜옄쓽 슂泥씠 엳뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄뿉寃 二쇱쐞뿉 쑀궗븳 議곌굔쓣 媛吏怨 엳뒗 떎瑜 궛썑議곕━썝쓣 븣꽑빐 二쇰룄濡 끂젰빀땲떎.

몼 젣1빆뿉룄 遺덇뎄븯怨 씠슜옄뒗 궗뾽옄 삊쓽븯뿬 궛썑議곕━썝궡 湲곗떎 샊 삊젰 蹂묒썝쓽 엯썝떎 벑쓣 泥 씠슜븷 닔 엳쑝硫, 씠 寃쎌슦 怨꾩빟湲곌컙 泥 씠슜븳 떦씪遺꽣 湲곗궛맗땲떎.

몾 젣2빆쓽 寃쎌슦 궛썑議곕━썝 씠슜湲덉븸蹂대떎 泥 씠슜븳 엯썝떎쓽 씠슜湲덉븸씠 궙 븣뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄뿉寃 洹 李⑥븸쓣 솚湲됲빀땲떎.
젣8議 (엯떎 쟾 怨꾩빟쓽 빐젣) 몺 씠슜옄뒗 엯떎 쟾뿉 怨꾩빟쓣 빐젣븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎. 씠 寃쎌슦 궗뾽옄뒗 떎쓬 媛 샇뿉 뵲씪 怨꾩빟湲덉쓣 솚湲됲빀땲떎.

1. 궗뾽옄쓽 洹梨낆궗쑀濡 怨꾩빟쓣 빐젣븳 寃쎌슦 : 怨꾩빟湲 솚湲 諛 怨꾩빟湲덉쓽 100%諛곗긽

2. 씠슜옄쓽 洹梨낆궗쑀濡 怨꾩빟쓣 빐젣븳 寃쎌슦 – 엯떎 삁젙씪 9씪 씠쟾遺꽣 : 怨꾩빟湲 쟾븸 誘명솚湲 – 엯떎 삁젙씪 10씪 씠쟾遺꽣 20씪 씠쟾源뚯 : 怨꾩빟湲덉쓽 30% 솚湲 – 엯떎 삁젙씪 21씪 씠쟾遺꽣 30씪 씠쟾源뚯 : 怨꾩빟湲덉쓽 60% 솚湲 – 엯떎 삁젙씪 31씪 씠쟾 삉뒗 怨꾩빟 썑 24떆媛 씠궡 : 怨꾩빟湲 쟾븸 솚湲

3. 怨꾩빟湲덉씠 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓽 10%瑜 珥덇낵븯뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 珥덇낵릺뒗 湲덉븸 쟾븸 솚湲됲븯怨, 洹 굹癒몄뒗 蹂댁긽湲곗뿉꽌 젙븳 鍮꾩쑉뿉 뵲씪 솚湲

몼 젣1빆뿉룄 遺덇뎄븯怨 씠슜옄媛 떎쓬 媛 샇쓽 궗쑀濡 怨꾩빟쓣 빐吏븯뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄뿉寃 怨꾩빟湲덉쓣 솚湲됲빀땲떎.

1. 궛紐④ 궗留앺븯嫄곕굹 깭븘瑜 궗궛븳 寃쎌슦

2. 듅젙 蹂묒썝뿉꽌쓽 異쒖궛쓣 議곌굔쑝濡 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯쑝굹 쓳湲됱긽솴쓽 諛쒖깮쑝濡 궛紐④ 떎瑜 蹂묒썝뿉꽌 異쒖궛븳 寃쎌슦

3. 洹 諛뽰뿉 遺덇빆젰쟻씤 궗쑀濡 빐떦 궛썑議곕━썝쓣 씠슜븷 닔 뾾뒗 寃쎌슦

젣9議 (엯떎 썑 怨꾩빟쓽 빐吏) 몺 씠슜옄뒗 엯떎 썑뿉 궗뾽옄쓽 梨낆엫 엳뒗 궗쑀濡 떎쓬 媛 샇쓽 궗젙씠 諛쒖깮븯뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 怨꾩빟쓣 빐吏븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎. 씠 寃쎌슦 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄뿉寃 珥 씠슜湲덉븸뿉꽌 떎젣 씠슜湲곌컙뿉 빐떦븯뒗 슂湲덉쓣 怨듭젣븳 옍븸쓣 솚湲됲븯怨, 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓽 10%瑜 諛곗긽빀땲떎.

1. 愿묎퀬 삉뒗 怨꾩빟 궡슜씠 떎젣 떖씪 떦珥 湲곕뻽뜕 궛썑議곕━쓽 紐⑹쟻쓣 떖꽦븷 닔 뾾뒗 寃쎌슦

2. 궛썑議곕━썝궡 媛먯뿼꽦 吏덈퀝씠 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦

3. 궗뾽옄 삉뒗 醫낆뾽썝쓽 怨좎쓽 삉뒗 怨쇱떎濡 궛紐 삉뒗 떊깮븘뿉寃 넀빐媛 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦

4. 洹 諛뽰뿉 궗뾽옄쓽 洹梨낆궗쑀濡 궛썑議곕━쓽 紐⑹쟻쓣 떖꽦븷 닔 뾾뒗 寃쎌슦

몼 씠슜옄媛 媛쒖씤 궗젙쓽 蹂寃쎌씠굹 떒닚蹂떖 벑 젙떦븳 궗쑀 뾾씠 議곌린 눜떎븯뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄뿉寃 珥 씠슜湲덉븸뿉꽌 (떎젣 씠슜湲곌컙뿉 빐떦븯뒗 슂湲 + 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓽 10%)瑜 怨듭젣븳 옍븸쓣 솚湲됲빀땲떎.
젣10議 (궗뾽옄쓽 쓽臾) 몺 궗뾽옄뒗 뚮え옄蹂닿굔踰뺛띿씠 젙븯뒗 씤젰怨 떆꽕쓣 媛뽰텛怨, 솕옱 諛 븞쟾궗怨 벑 삁諛⑹쓣 쐞빐 愿怨꾨쾿졊씠 젙븯뒗 湲곗뿉 쟻빀븯寃 떆꽕쓣 꽕移섃ㅼ슫쁺빀땲떎.

몼 궗뾽옄뒗 嫄닿컯湲곕줉遺瑜 媛뽰텛뼱 궛紐⑥ 떊깮븘쓽 嫄닿컯긽깭瑜 湲곕줉븯怨 愿由ы븯硫, 媛먯뿼씠굹 吏덈퀝쓣 삁諛⑺븯湲 쐞븯뿬 냼룆 벑 븘슂븳 議곗튂瑜 빀땲떎.

몾 궗뾽옄뒗 궛紐 삉뒗 떊깮븘뿉寃 媛먯뿼 삉뒗 吏덈퀝씠 쓽떖릺嫄곕굹 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦 삉뒗 솕옱ㅻ늻쟾 벑쓽 븞쟾궗怨좊줈 씤븳 씤쟻 뵾빐媛 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 利됱떆 쓽猷뚭린愿쑝濡 씠넚븯뒗 벑 븘슂븳 議곗튂瑜 빀땲떎.

몿 궗뾽옄뒗 넻떊뙋留 留ㅼ껜(솃럹씠吏 벑)瑜 씠슜븯뿬 몴떆ㅺ킅怨좏븯嫄곕굹 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯怨좎옄 븯뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 떎쓬 媛 샇쓽 궗빆쓣 怨좉컼씠 븣 닔 엳룄濡 넻떊뙋留 留ㅼ껜뿉 寃뚯떆빀땲떎.

1. 젣怨듬릺뒗 꽌鍮꾩뒪쓽 援ъ껜쟻 궡슜

2. 슂湲덉껜怨(湲곕낯슂湲 諛 異붽鍮꾩슜)

3. 以묐룄빐빟떆 솚遺덇린以

뫀 궗뾽옄뒗 젒닔李쎄뎄 벑 씠슜옄媛 蹂닿린 돩슫 怨녹뿉 떎쓬 媛 샇쓽 궗빆쓣 寃뚯떆빀땲떎.

1. 궗뾽옄 諛 醫낆뾽썝 嫄닿컯吏꾨떒꽌

2. 媛먯뿼삁諛 벑뿉 愿븳 援먯쑁 닔猷뚯쬆

3. 궗뾽옄媛 쓽猷뚯씤씤 寃쎌슦 硫댄뿀利

뫁 궗뾽옄뒗 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐븯뒗 븣뿉 빟젙븳 꽌鍮꾩뒪 쇅 異붽鍮꾩슜씠 諛쒖깮븯뒗 꽌鍮꾩뒪瑜 媛뺤젣븯吏 븘땲빀땲떎.

뫂 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄쓽 듅굺 뾾씠 씪泥댁쓽 媛쒖씤젙蹂대 젣3옄뿉寃 늻꽕븯吏 븘땲빀땲떎.

뫃 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄媛 궛썑議곕━쓽 紐⑹쟻쓣 떖꽦븷 닔 엳룄濡 꽑웾븳 愿由ъ옄濡쒖꽌쓽 二쇱쓽 쓽臾대 떎빀땲떎.

젣11議 (씠슜옄쓽 쓽臾) 몺 씠슜옄뒗 엯떎븯뒗 븣뿉 궛紐⑥ 떊깮븘쓽 嫄닿컯 긽깭 諛 湲곗솗젰쓣 怨좎빀땲떎.

몼 씠슜옄뒗 궛紐 삉뒗 떊깮븘뿉寃 吏덈퀝 삉뒗 븞쟾궗怨 벑씠 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 蹂묒썝 寃吏 뿬遺 벑뿉 븳 理쒖쥌 쓽궗寃곗젙沅뚯옄濡쒖꽌쓽 二쇱쓽 쓽臾대 떎빀땲떎.

몾 씠슜옄뒗 궗뾽옄쓽 떆꽕愿由 諛 吏덉꽌쑀吏뿉 愿븳 슫쁺洹쒖젙쓣 以닔빀땲떎.
젣12議 (넀빐諛곗긽) 몺 궛紐 삉뒗 떊깮븘媛 엯떎湲곌컙 룞븞 媛먯뿼꽦 吏덈퀝뿉 嫄몃젮 넀빐媛 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 洹 넀빐瑜 諛곗긽븯뿬빞 빀땲떎.

몼 젣1빆쓽 寃쎌슦 씠슜옄媛 쓽猷뚭린愿씠 諛쒓툒븳 吏꾨떒꽌, 吏꾨즺鍮 쁺닔利 벑 媛앷쟻 옄猷뚮 궗뾽옄뿉寃 젣떆븯硫 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄媛 吏異쒗븳 吏꾨즺鍮 벑쓽 넀빐瑜 諛곗긽븯뿬빞 빀땲떎. 떒, 궗뾽옄媛 怨좎쓽 삉뒗 怨쇱떎씠 뾾쓬쓣 엯利앺븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 洹몃윭븯吏 븘땲빀땲떎.

몾 궗뾽옄 삉뒗 醫낆뾽썝쓽 怨좎쓽 삉뒗 怨쇱떎濡 궛紐 삉뒗 떊깮븘뿉寃 넀빐媛 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 洹 넀빐瑜 諛곗긽븯뿬빞 빀땲떎.
젣13議 (臾쇨굔쓽 蹂닿) 몺 궗뾽옄뒗 옄湲 삉뒗 醫낆뾽썝씠 씠슜옄濡쒕꽣 엫移섎컺 臾쇨굔쓽 蹂닿뿉 愿븯뿬 二쇱쓽瑜 寃뚯쓣由ы븯吏 븘땲븯쓬쓣 利앸챸븯吏 븘땲븯硫 洹 臾쇨굔쓽 硫몄떎 삉뒗 쎕넀쑝濡 씤븳 넀빐瑜 諛곗긽븷 梨낆엫쓣 吏묐땲떎.

몼 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄濡쒕꽣 엫移섎컺吏 븘땲븳 寃쎌슦뿉룄 洹 떆꽕 궡뿉 쑕븳 臾쇨굔씠 옄湲 삉뒗 醫낆뾽썝쓽 怨쇱떎濡 씤븯뿬 硫몄떎 삉뒗 쎕넀릺뿀쓣 븣뿉뒗 洹 넀빐瑜 諛곗긽븷 梨낆엫쓣 吏묐땲떎.

몾 궗뾽옄뒗 씠슜옄쓽 臾쇨굔뿉 븯뿬 梨낆엫씠 뾾쓬쓣 븣由 寃쎌슦뿉룄 젣1빆怨 젣2빆뿉 쓽븳 梨낆엫쓣 硫댄븯吏 紐삵빀땲떎.

몿 솕룓, 쑀媛利앷텒, 洹 諛뽰쓽 怨좉臾쇱뿉 븯뿬뒗 씠슜옄媛 洹 醫낅쪟 媛븸쓣 紐낆떆븯뿬 궗뾽옄굹 醫낆뾽썝뿉寃 엫移섑븯吏 븘땲븯硫 궗뾽옄뒗 洹 臾쇨굔쓽 硫몄떎 삉뒗 쎕넀쑝濡 씤븳 넀빐瑜 諛곗긽븷 梨낆엫쓣 吏吏 븘땲빀땲떎.
젣14議 (떆꽕臾쇱쓽 씠슜) 몺 씠슜옄뒗 궗뾽옄쓽 떆꽕臾쇱뿉 븯뿬 洹 蹂몃옒쓽 슜룄濡 궗슜빐빞 븯硫, 씠슜옄媛 怨좎쓽 삉뒗 怨쇱떎濡 궗뾽옄쓽 떆꽕臾쇱쓣 硫몄떎 삉뒗 쎕넀븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 씠슜옄媛 썝긽쉶蹂 빀땲떎.

몼 씠슜옄媛 썝긽쉶蹂듭쓣 븷 닔 뾾뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 떆꽕臾쇱쓽 옍議닿移 벑쓣 怨좊젮븯뿬 떎鍮꾨줈 궛異쒗븳 鍮꾩슜쓣 臾몄꽌濡 젣떆븯怨, 씠슜옄뒗 씠뿉 뵲씪 떎鍮꾨 吏湲됲빀땲떎.
젣15議 (硫댁콉) 泥쒖옱吏蹂 벑 遺덇빆젰쟻씤 궗쑀濡 씠슜옄뿉寃 넀빐媛 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄뒗 씠뿉 븳 梨낆엫쓣 吏吏 븘땲빀땲떎.

젣16議 (愿븷踰뺤썝) 씠 빟愿怨 愿젴븯뿬 궗뾽옄 씠슜옄 궗씠뿉 諛쒖깮븳 遺꾩웳뿉 愿븳 냼넚 誘쇱궗냼넚踰뺤긽쓽 愿븷踰뺤썝뿉 젣湲고빀땲떎.
젣17議 (湲고궗빆) 씠 빟愿뿉꽌 洹쒖젙븯吏 븡 궗빆 삉뒗 빟愿쓽 빐꽍뿉 愿븯뿬 떎댘씠 엳뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 궗뾽옄 씠슜옄媛 빀쓽븯뿬 寃곗젙븯릺, 빀쓽媛 씠猷⑥뼱吏吏 븘땲븳 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 愿怨꾨쾿졊 諛 嫄곕옒愿뻾뿉 뵲由낅땲떎.


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