Postpartum Care Center

Zion Women셲 Hospital, Serving with Love

1. Managed directly by Zion Women셲 Hospital

Quick measures can be taken in emergencies OB/GYN specialists on standby around the clock
Infection and hygiene education of the Newborn Unit through the same system as Zion Women셲 Hospital
Pediatric rounds twice a week examination of the newborn셲 state of health and consultations


2. Beautiful and comfortable facilities built of echo-friendly materials

The facilities were carefully built from design to construction in consideration of the mother and child, the possibility of sick house syndrome and hazardous substances were minimized by using echo-friendly and non-toxic materials and furniture, and a beautiful space was made by exhibiting pieces of art like a gallery.
(Indirect lighting to prevent blinding of the baby, soundproof walls, secure facilities, and number key locks)


3. Profession and systematic newborn care system

A ratio of 4~4.5:1 of professional nurses and qualified specialists experienced in newborn care


4. Effective lactation instructions by an international lactation consultant

An international lactation consultant provides systematic lactation management and breast massages if necessary, and a Swiss Medela breast pump (Symphony or Lactina) and a Happy Mom breast pump are equipped to increase the volume of the milk, minimize pain and help to achieve successful lactation.


5. Thorough management of infection and hygiene

The care gate system at the entrance blocking fine duct and bacteria from outside
Virus and bacteria control, sterilizing system, and regular management of CESCO
Installation of the sterilizing HEPA filter, humidistat and thermostat in the Newborn Unit


6. Customized postpartum diet managed by professional nutritionists and cooks

Strictly regulated use of fresh ingredients
Meals and snacks that help with lactation
One person table settings to make the meals more convenient and hygienic
Buffet meals at the cafeteria on weekends
(Simple breakfasts consisting of toasts and cereals provided free of charge for the spouse)


7. Rooming-in system and amenities in all rooms

Breast pump, crib, nursing stool, perineum cushion, nursing cushion, air cleaner, luxury bidet, individual heating system, LED TV, refrigerator, ionic hair dryer, tea table, chairs and free WIFI


8. Sharon Garden

The body, which is stressed and sensitive after the delivery, can be relaxed, a refreshing and leisurely time can be spent, and organic vegetables from the vegetable garden are served on your table through the beautiful garden within the city.


– Yeongtong Station
– Cheongmyeong Station


Red Bus : M5107
Regular Bus : 11-1 13-1 2-1 2-2 27-1 3 34 34-1 4-1 5 52 53 54 63 63-1 720-3 82-2 82-8 99-1
Town Shuttle Bus : 12
Express Bus : 1007-1 1112 5100 5100쟾 7000


The Sharon Postpartum Care Center is located on the 6th floor of the building behind Zion Women셲 Hospital.

Cheongmyeongnam-ro 34beon-gil, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Yeongtong-dong 1011-5)
TEL혻 031-204-9700
FAX 혻031-206-2673

Mother Care

  • Prenatal and postpartum massages
    Improvement of circulation, detox, breakdown of fat and immune system through the skilled management of a nationally-qualified masseuse
    Use of unique heating equipment such as gold, crystals, and stones for the right body
    Use of Phytomer, a French brand specializing in 100% natural oceanic ingredients and used in profession spas and aesthetics strengthening of moisture and resilience of stressed skin after childbirth
  • Provision of equipment for postpartum care
    Equipment to help blood circulation and postpartum recovery, such as the postpartum pelvic corrector, far-infrared bio dome, body massager, and the hinoki cypress foot bath
  • Provision of individual lactation care and breast massages if necessary
  • Postpartum yoga 3 times a week to prevent postpartum obesity
  • Helpful programs regarding what needs to be known postpartum
    Lactation instructions, newborn care and emergency measures, bathing and massaging method, making mobiles

Baby Care

  • Active support of breast-feeding and customized individual lactation management
  • Rounds twice a week by the Pediatric Chief at Zion Women셲 Hospital
  • Consideration for the patient to receive natural lighting
  • Air cleaning system for the Newborn Unit
    Fundamental blockage of hazardous gases and fine dust, bacteria and infection of bacteria through the installation of sterilizing HEPA filters
    Maintenance of appropriate temperature and humidity levels in the Newborn Unit
  • Individual care in an intensive observation room for infected newborns
  • Disinfection and cleaning 3 times a day and fumigation once a month thorough management of infection and hygiene
  • Skincare for sensitive newborns with the proven and echo-friendly French skincare brands Centifolia & Biolane
  • Free full-term photo shoot, newborn shoot and 50-day shoot at Fome Studio and free premium frame


Morning Postpartum massage Postpartum massage 11am Breast-feeding Education 10:30am
Photo session for the baby
Breast-feeding education
Postpartum massage
Afternoon 1pm Pediatric rounds
3pm Postpartum Yoga
3:30pm Baby massage (Centifolia, Biolane) 3pm Postpartum Yoga 1:00pm Pediatric rounds
2pm Making a mobile, making a naval box
3pm Postpartum Yoga
4pm Molding of hands and feet (paid individually)
3pm Newborn discharge education

뼴 The programs can be changed according to the circumstances.

Appointment Information

Appointments have to be made in advance to receive consultation for admission.

Appointment hours are 9:30am ~ 5pm
TEL 031-204-9700



슂湲 븞궡혻

醫낅쪟 湲덉븸 떆삩뿬꽦蹂묒썝 異쒖궛 湲덉븸뿉 룷븿맂 꽌鍮꾩뒪 궡슜
VIP 3,500,000썝 2,900,000썝
  • 닕諛(13諛 14씪)
  • 떇궗(1씪3떇)
  • 媛꾩떇(1씪3쉶)
  • 떊깮븘耳뼱
  • 궛紐⑥뼱
  • 泥냼,꽭긽
  • 궛썑愿由 諛 떊깮븘 愿由ш탳쑁
  • 궛紐⑤쭏궗吏
  • 湲고 렪쓽떆꽕臾 씠슜혻(쑀異뺢린,醫뚯슃湲 벑)
異붽 꽌鍮꾩뒪 씠슜湲덉븸
異붽留덉궗吏 (궛썑) 100,000썝~
蹂댄샇옄떇궗 5,000 썝
떊깮븘 耳뼱 異붽 (떎뫁씠) 1紐 1,000,000썝

2二 엯떎 썑 1씪 뿰옣 媛寃

異쒖궛 VIP
떆삩뿬꽦蹂묒썝 223,000썝
蹂묒썝 269,000썝

Admission Information

  • Contact the Care Center as soon as you deliver and your room will be assigned when you call (at least 2 days beforehand)
    Those scheduled for surgery should contact the center when the surgery date becomes final.

    Admission time: 12pm
    혻Discharge time: 10am (equipment is checked and payments are made)

  • Changes may be made for admission according to the circumstances of the care center and the patient may have to wait at a private or 4 person room at the Zion Postpartum Care Center or Zion Women셲 Hospital depending on the situation. (Charged per day)
  • Patients who delivered prematurely, who have a disease, or whose newborn is underweight or with a disease may be declined from being admitted to the center.
  • Do not bring any valuables but store well if necessary. The center is not liable for lost articles.


What to prepare for admission

For the mother
Underwear, pajamas, sleeping socks, washing tools, towels, cup, indoor slippers and stationery
For the baby
15 gauze handkerchiefs, name tag (provided by the Newborn Unit of Zion Women셲 Hospital after delivery)



Visiting Policies

  • The spouse/partner can frequently visit and sleep over
  • Although visits are not allowed inside the center to prevent infection of the newborn and for the mother셲 comfortable rest, people can meet the mother in a separate visiting room or in the garden. Please note that the newborn, which has a weak immune system, cannot be visited in consideration of its health.
  • The patient should refrain from going out to prevent infection but if it necessary to go out, the patient should consult the front desk or the Newborn Unit.



엯떎 쟾 怨꾩빟빐吏 떆

  • 怨꾩빟湲덉쓽 100% 솚湲: 엯떎삁젙씪 쟾 31씪 씠쟾
  • 怨꾩빟湲덉쓽 60% 솚湲: 엯떎삁젙씪 쟾 21씪~30씪
  • 怨꾩빟湲덉쓽 30% 솚湲: 엯떎삁젙씪 쟾 10씪~20씪
  • 怨꾩빟湲 쟾븸 誘명솚湲: 엯떎삁젙씪 쟾 9씪 씠썑

떒, 怨꾩빟湲덉씠 珥 씠슜 湲덉븸쓽 10%瑜 珥덇낵븯뒗 寃쎌슦뿉뒗 珥덇낵릺뒗 湲덉븸 쟾븸솚湲됲븯怨, 굹癒몄뒗 蹂댁긽湲곗뿉꽌 젙븳 鍮꾩쑉뿉 뵲씪 솚湲됲븳떎.

엯냼 썑 怨꾩빟빐吏 떆

  • 냼鍮꾩옄 궗쑀濡 씤븳 寃쎌슦
    珥 씠슜湲덉븸뿉꽌 (씠슜湲곌컙뿉 빐떦븯뒗 슂湲 + 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓽 10%)瑜 怨듭젣븳 옍븸쓣 솚湲됲븳떎.
  • 議곕━썝 궗쑀濡 씤븳 寃쎌슦
    珥 씠슜湲곌컙뿉 빐떦븯뒗 슂湲덉쓣 怨듭젣븳 썑 옍븸쓣 솚湲됲븳떎.
    (떒, 씠 愿젴궗빆 몴以빟愿뿉 以빐 泥섎━넗濡 븳떎).
떆삩뿬꽦蹂묒썝 吏곸쁺 깶濡 궛썑議곕━썝 씠슜빟愿

蹂 빟愿 깶濡좎궛썑議곕━썝쓽 젣諛 떆꽕臾 씠슜뿉 遺덊렪븿씠 뾾룄濡 愿젴洹쒖젙쓣 븘옒 媛숈씠 젙븯怨 吏궎湲 쐞빐 옉꽦븿.

1 [怨꾩빟 諛 삁빟議곌굔]
젣 1 빆 – 議곕━썝뿉 궡썝븯뿬 엯떎 삁빟湲곌컙 궗슜猷뚯쓽 10%瑜 吏遺덊븿怨 룞떆뿉 삁빟쑝濡 媛꾩<븳떎.
젣 2 빆 – 쟾솕濡 삁빟 븷 寃쎌슦 蹂몄썝쓽 뻾怨꾩쥖濡 엯湲덇낵 룞떆뿉 젣 1 빆쓽 議곌굔怨 룞씪븯떎.


2 [議곕━썝 궗슜]
젣 1 빆 – 1씤 1떎濡 븳떎.
젣 2 빆 – 異쒖궛쓽 듅꽦긽 議곕━썝 엯떎뿉 李⑥쭏씠 諛쒖깮븷 寃쎌슦 븘옒 媛숈씠 泥댄넗濡 븳떎. (옄뿰遺꾨쭔 2諛3씪, 닔닠 6諛7씪쓣 湲곗쑝濡 븿)

  • 떆삩궛썑議곕━썝 泥 湲 떆 떆삩궛썑議곕━썝 媛寃⑹쑝濡 떦씪 씪옄 怨꾩궛쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎.
  • 떆삩뿬꽦蹂묒썝 湲곗떎(떎씤떎) 臾대즺泥 궗슜 븷 닔 엳쑝硫 議곕━썝 엯떎 떦씪遺꽣 엯떎씪濡 媛꾩<븳떎. 蹂묒썝쓽 룞쓽븯뿉 1,2씤떎 궗슜 떆 議곕━썝 룞씪 씪 닔 李④컧쑝濡 泥댄븳떎.
  • 議곕━썝 엯떎쓽 湲곗 遺꾨쭔 썑 뿰씫쓣 湲곗쑝濡 븳떎.
  • 議곕━썝 궛紐⑥떎 VIP, 듅떎씠 엳쑝硫 엯떎 떆 怨듭떎씠 굹삤뒗 닚꽌濡 궛紐④ 썝븯뒗 諛⑹쑝濡 議곗젙맖쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎.
  • 궓렪 씠쇅 硫댄쉶뒗 젣쇅븳떎.
  • 議곌린遺꾨쭔, 泥댁쨷, 떊깮븘 諛 궛紐⑥쓽 쟾뿼꽦 媛뒫 吏덊솚씠 엳쓣 떆 議곕━썝뿉꽌 엯떎쓣 嫄곗젅븷 닔 엳떎.


3 [궗슜 湲곌컙]
젣 1 빆 – 엯떎湲곌컙 2二 (13諛14씪)瑜 湲곕낯쑝濡 젙븳떎.
젣 2 빆 – 엯떎떆媛꾩 젙삤 12:00 씠썑씠硫, 눜떎떆媛꾩 눜떎떦씪 삤쟾 10:00 씠쟾쑝濡 湲곗븳떎.


4 [떆꽕 씠슜猷]
젣 1 빆 – 씠슜猷뚮뒗 2二 떒쐞濡 젙궛븯硫, 엯떎 떆 셿궔쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎.
젣 2 빆 – 뙇뫁씠 엯떎 떆 2二 湲곗쑝濡 100留뚯썝 異붽븳떎. (1씤떦)
젣 3 빆 – 궛紐⑤쭔 엯떎 떆 湲덉븸 蹂룞 뾾쓬쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎.


5 [솚遺 洹쒖젙]
젣 1 빆 – 삁빟 썑 엯떎 쟾 怨꾩빟빐吏 떆

  • 怨꾩빟湲덉쓽 100% 솚湲: 엯떎삁젙씪 쟾 31씪 씠쟾

젣 2 빆 – 엯냼 썑 怨꾩빟빐吏 떆

  • 냼鍮꾩옄 궗쑀濡 씤븳 寃쎌슦: 珥 씠슜湲덉븸뿉꽌 (씠슜湲곌컙뿉 빐떦븯뒗 슂湲 + 珥 씠슜湲덉븸쓽 10%)瑜 怨듭젣븳 옍븸쓣 솚湲됲븳떎.
  • 議곕━썝 궗뾽옣쓽 梨낆엫 엳뒗 궗쑀濡 씤븳 寃쎌슦: 珥 씠슜湲곌컙뿉 빐떦븯뒗 슂湲덉쓣 怨듭젣븳 썑 옍븸쓣 솚湲됲븳떎.
    (떒, 씠 愿젴궗빆 몴以빟愿뿉 以빐 泥섎━넗濡 븳떎).

젣 3 빆 – 移대뱶濡 寃곗젣 떆 닔닔猷뚮 怨듭젣븯怨 臾댄넻옣 엯湲덉쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎.

沅곴툑븯떊 궡슜쓣 寃깋빐二쇱꽭슂!